You are free to choose which funeral director should take care of the funeral, even in your country of birth

What does the AVM do?

The Antillian Funeral Insurance Company (Antilliaanse Uitvaart Verzekering Maatschappij) offers, as is implied in the name, funeral insurance. Now you may think you know exactly what AVM does, but probably the information on this website can offer you some new insights. And if you have any more questions after reading the information on this website, we invite you cordially to contact us. We will do our best to answer all your questions.

AVM offers comprehensive policy, which means that by paying your contributions you acquire an insured amount with which all costs concerning the funeral can be paid. You are insured from the moment you pay your first contribution and hold your policy. So you don’t have to worry anymore whether or not everything can be paid for, since you yourself made sure. AVM works in all important home countries of our diverse population, but you can use your insurance in any country you wish. And not only that, you are completely free to choose your funeral director, in any country at all.

Funeral insurance can take care of all the details of the funeral. The cask, the flowers, the memorial service and every aspect in between is covered by funeral insurance. The list of possible inclusions is vast and you can get any extra you wish for with your funeral insurance policy.

  • A cask
  • Transportation of the deceased from or to the country where he or she wishes to be buried or cremated
  • Notification via radio, television or in the newspaper
  • Memorial service
  • Funeral wreath
  • Funeral parlour
  • Reception
  • Corsages
  • Book of condolence
  • The grave, or in case of cremation, an urn and site
  • Maintenance of the grave or site
  • And much, much more..

Naturally it depends on the insured amount and your wishes how many of these and other options you choose. And bear in mind that the younger you are when you take out your insurance, the lower your contributions and the more economical your insurance policy is!

Of course the costs differ depending on the country where you want the funeral to take place. In this table you find an indication of the insured amount you need from Curacao to the destination country.

Nederland : Ang 20000
Jamaica : Ang 15000
Suriname : Ang 13000
Haïti : Ang 13000
Peru : Ang 13000
Dominicaanse Republiek : Ang 10000
Columbia : Ang 10000
Venezuela : Ang 10000
Sint Maarten : Ang 10000
Aruba : Ang 9000
Bonaire : Ang 8000

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